Unique Art Mediums

The great thing about art is that there are many different forms of art and mediums that can be utilized. After all, the creativity behind art lies in the artist. It does seem, however, that when we think of art we think of sculptures or perhaps paintings and things along those lines. But what if … Read more

Acrylic Painting With Masking Tape

Check out this sort of video on using acrylic paints and masking tape to create a beautiful & unique rainbow art masterpiece! But the fun of painting with masking tape is that you are able to create your own designs!

Why You Should Go To Art Galleries


In this guide, I am going to be specifically mentioning why you should go to art galleries. Art galleries are not something that I’m going to go away anytime soon. They don’t even charge you an entrance fee. All the artist want is for you to recognise that art and learn from it. There is … Read more