Unique Art Mediums

The great thing about art is that there are many different forms of art and mediums that can be utilized. After all, the creativity behind art lies in the artist. It does seem, however, that when we think of art we think of sculptures or perhaps paintings and things along those lines. But what if we stepped out of the box and instead into the more creative side of art where different and unique mediums are used to create incredible masterpieces?

Unique Forms of Art Mediums

Recycled Plumbing Pipes

One of the hottest new trends, many artists are utilizing recycled plumbing pipes to create art in the form of sculptures, furniture, robots, and more. Plumbing pipes are also being utilized inside homes and office spaces as decorative pieces. That’s right exposed plumbing pipes can be used to create focal points within your space, can be used as shelves, and more. With many different kinds of plumbing pipes out there, there are an array of different piping materials you can utilize to help create your own vision of art.


There are so many different ways that you can utilize sand to create incredible pieces of art. From sand sculptures to sand brushing and sand painting it can be utilized in various ways to create the perfect pieces of art.

  • Sand Brushing – Exceptionally dry & fine sand is used to create beautiful pictures. Most commonly animal & human shapes are created. In order to create the picture, you must brush away the surface grains of the sand. It may sound complicated but if you are skilled at sand brushing you truly have a unique talent!
  • Sand Sculptures/Architecture – while both sand sculptures and architecture are similar they do have a few differences. That being said both basically utilize sand along with some type of reinforcement (due to the size of the piece) like wood. Sculptures are best made with sand that has a lot of clay in it and is usually reinforced with internal structures.
  • Sand Painting – sand painting has actually been around for a while! It is an ancient art practiced by shamans and healers because it is said to attract spirits. Sand of different materials is used compared to that in brushing, sculptures, etc. You will often find sand with different pigments used or that natural pigments gave been added to create the desired color of the artist.

In the end, art is beautiful in so many forms. It is a great form of self-expression and the talent and creativity of each artist are unique in their own way. Take a look at the different things in your area you may utilize to create your own art masterpieces. You never know just what you can create. From recycled plumbing pipes to sand, food, and more, art is seen in many forms!